About Danny


I started this blog in 2009 as a master’s student at the University of Toronto: OISE in the Higher Education program, dreaming of ways to use the Internet to make education free and ubiquitous.  Since then, I transferred to the department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, completed my thesis and degree, worked for six years as a technology, resource, and classroom teacher at the Dunblaine School for Students with Special Needs, and most recently survived the Web Development Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs, Toronto.

My undergraduate education focused on English Literature and History, but I’ve discovered a love of astronomy, natural history, and philosophy; I’ve dallied with fountain pens, audiophilia, hiking, mentoring, atheistic youth ministry, game design, computer-design, software design, and metrical poetry. “Philomathy” is a love of learning; it’s an aspirational state of being that has (at my best) defined my approach to life and experience and has (at my worst) dogged my attempts to specialize in particular fields and pursue a recognisable career trajectory.  This website chronicles some of my thoughts and discoveries along the way.

(By the way, more than half of the articles are missing at the time of this writing (October, 2018), following a disastrous website migration.  I’ve been trying to transcribe what pieces I can find among my notebooks, and annotate the results from my present perspective, but the contents here remain fragmented.  If you’re so inclined, please check the archive occasionally for insertions.)