Poem: Edgar’s Evasive Evacuation

Danny from 2017: I came to Poe’s “The Raven” much later than most folks working on an English degree, but when I did, I was freshly full of poetic device lore, thanks to the metrical focus of John Kooistra’s poetry class, and of a scatological inclination thanks to recent coverage of Jonathan Swift in my English Literature course.2  The effect, in that frame of mind, was almost tangibly inspiring – it made me breathe deeper, it flooded my mind with fragments of experimental verse, and by the time I had walked home that afternoon, Edgar’s Evasive Evacuation’s first two couplets had essentially coalesced.  Over the following week, I was obsessed and productive as I had never been until that point; the poem below was the product.

Edgar’s Evasive Evacuation
(PDF Download)


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