Philomathy Returns?

Hi ho, folks.  Philomathy’s been down for several months, following a planned hiatus and then an unplanned despondency period when I discovered I hadn’t successfully backed up the content, and that several years of writing had poof’d.

With Brian’s help and encouragement, we tracked down many of the longer articles through, and I’ve been able to build a skeleton of the missing ones; since most of the posts were written by hand, I have a stack of notebooks that I’m hoping to raid over the next little while so that I can gradually repopulate Philomathy’s history.  It won’t be perfect, and I’ve changed an awful lot since those early posts (many of which are painfully twee to read now, in the sere dotage of my present vernacular), but I’d love to recover that record.

I have a few reasons for wanting to start this up again.

  1. Every now and then, I stumble on a neat resource, or I just really miss having a public outlet for my writing.  Getting read (or at least, imagining the possibility that I might be read) turns out to be an effective if narcissistic motivator to write.  And I like writing.
  2. I’d like to expand the contents of to include some of my earlier writing (poetry, prose, and traumatic published research) so that the website can function as an ongoing portfolio.  Hopefully, not a museum.
  3. I still like some of my earlier articles and miss being able to link to them.  That’s annoying and soluble.

So, if you exist, reader, and you’re reading this post more or less concurrently with its publication, watch this space!

Good luck to us all.

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